Mario’s brother is getting in to the mix and he brought a mushroom with him, too! The scrolling playlist below the video has bigger thumbnails and shows the title of the video

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  • *New Feature* Search videos within your embedded video gallery
  • Create a video-centric experience to showcase the videos you have created or curated
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Sometimes, the details can be just as important as the big picture. This video gallery layout includes the descriptions of the videos along with their thumbnails and titles.

Mario Layout

Named after the most famous side scrolling video game, this video gallery layout rocks a slick infinite horizontal scroll gallery below the featured video.

Han Solo Layout

This video gallery layout has no attached video gallery, but it does have some tricks up its sleeves. Click on the top right button to reveal the video playlist.

Bruce Lee Layout

Just like the guy it was named after, this video gallery has a fierce side kick.

James Bond Layout

Undercover and smooth. The default layout.